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Our sales team is well qualified to function in a consultative environment ensuring the client's satisfaction.
Please use the contact details to the right of this page for all sales related enquiries.
Visit our Showroom at 167 King George Road, Avondale, to check out our wide product range.

There are three main departments which work together to deliver competitive advantages to CreAtive’s clientele. John Burnett the Managing Director works closely with the heads of departments.


Dawn Burnett is responsible for general administration, the accounts department and office management.

Sales & Marketing

Hazel Mawele heads this department, which is responsible for educating our target market about CreAtive computers, the technology we retail, the services we provide and delivering competitive I.T advantages to our clients. There is a public relations and customer care subdivision also administered by the sales manager. Our public relations and customer care department is proud to say that not only can we manage a crisis in the unfortunate event that it occurs but, that we pride ourselves in operating a proactive customer care strategy in order to deliver a quality service to our clients.


Barney Masawi heads this department. It is responsible for servicing and providing back up service for our branded products. Workshops also build, rebuild, service and maintain our cost-effective clone technology. Currently, this department can assemble up to 20 PCs a day. The workshop reception desk where job cards are raised has been recently refurbished. The job card system was recently upgraded and the staff trained in customer service.
The workshops also have a fleet of vehicles assigned for attending to service contract clients at their premises.


This department is actually part of our multi-functional technical department. A team of technicians has vast hands-on expertise and experience in the technical diagnostics of comprehensive networking solutions. This department currently contributes 12% of the total annual revenue of CreAtive computers.
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John Burnett
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Dawn Burnett
+263 772 414 853
Nigel Rennie
+264 772 101 755
Fograge Gomba
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Margaret Mhuru
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Barnabas Masawi
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Natasha Burnett
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